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February 2010
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February 2010
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January 2009
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2008 Field Guide
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Jan/Feb 2008
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December 2007
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December 2007

Revolt STV Owners' Reactions!

Now, let me tell you I had the most fun time of my life riding my new Revolt at the dunes. I always thought I would never want to give up my Yamaha Raptor when playing at the dunes but after I had an extremely fun weekend at the dunes with my Redline Revolt I now am considering selling my quad and purchasing another Revolt so that my wife and I don’t have to play rock scissors to see who gets to ride the Revolt.

At Glamis, I was able to take the Revolt through miles of treacherous bowls and hills with ease. Everyone in my camp was completely jealous but of course you have to own one to be able to ride one. The Redline Revolt was absolutely worth every penny. I would much rather have one of these to play with than a Rhino that definitely has it’s limits. The Revolt from what I have seen and been able to do, has no limits it is the most complete off road sand car for the buck. The builders of this machine held nothing back it is complete in every way. It is the Cadillac of the dunes. No doubt about it.

I look forward to many fun days playing with this ultimate off road toy!!!!

It also makes me feel like a teenager again.

John Prell
Age- 37
Mesa, AZ

I’ve waited for years for someone to build a fast, safe and reliable off-road buggy for one. Sure, I could have one built or even built my own, but what I wanted was one that’s factory built and for them to stand behind it.

Well, I found it and Redline builds it. At first I was reluctant to buy because it was a first year vehicle, but I took a chance and bought it anyways. I of course bought from a reputable shop.

To my surprise it is fast, handles great even in high speed turns. Very stable, jumps awesome in the dunes and went up the steepest hills I could find and fast too. It makes quick horsepower, just what you need in the dunes. Had lots of looks from other full size rails and was even asked if I had built it, wish I could have said yes.

With every new vehicle there is always some kind of problems, but in this case they were very minor. When I did have a problem the factory quickly responded and I was back on the trail in no time, very helpful and easy to work with, they backed everything 100%......I will definitely buy another.

Joe Wilhite
Tucson, AZ

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