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Revolt XL
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Extending The New Era...

It's name says it all. It's the Redline Revolt, but Xtra Long with 7-1/2 inches added to the interior for extra leg room and then we made it easier to enter by lowering the sides. And because it's longer, we added an adjustable seat so you can be comfortable while taking on the terrain.

The REvolt XL's industry-proven Weber engine, coupled with a CVT, creates hair raising acceleration with a top speed of 65 mph.

Now, fast is great, but comfort and control complete the package with 17 inches of true travel in the front and 16-1/2 inches in the rear. The Revolt XL handles the bumpt and lands the big aire with ease. Weighing 825 lbs, the revolt XL is easy to control and maneuver around any terrain.

With Redline Revolt XL's standard safety features: 5 point harness system, wrist restraints, quick-release steering wheel and tubular space frame — you'll feel safe in challenging the terrain and your skills as a driver.

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